Weifeng Zhong

Academic and Policy Papers


  1. "The Candidates in Their Own Words: A Textual Analysis of 2016 Presidential Primary Debates," AEI Economic Perspectives, April 2016. (Media: Real Clear Politics)
  2. "To What Extent Defining a Group Predicates on Defining Other Groups?" with Y. Stephen Chiu, Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 30: 1672–82, 2011.


Working Papers


  1. "Sanctioning an Unruly Ally: Understanding Sino-North Korean Trade through the People’s Daily," AEI Economics Working Paper, No. 2017-22, February 2018. (Media: The National Interest)
  2. "On the Observational Implications of Knightian Uncertainty," with Kevin Hassett, AEI Economics Working Paper, No. 2016-17, February 2018.
  3. "Political Institutions and the Governmental Burden on Businesses," with Ruiqing Zhong, AEI Economics Working Paper, No. 2016-15, December 2017.
  4. "Governmental System and Economic Volatility under Democracy," with Chen Cheng and Christopher Li, April 2015.
  5. "A Theory of the Material Foundation of Psychology: with an Application to the Non-Salience of Economic Classes," with Y. Stephen Chiu, June 2013.